Co-Development Funding Scheme 2015

In the first round of co-development funding in 2015, out of 30 applications in total, 6 projects were chosen and awarded with 10.000 euros each. Projects were chosen by the RE-ACT Programme Council, in consultation with two renowned European film experts: Françoise von Roy and Martichka Bozhilova, for fiction/animation and documentary projects respectively.

A list of selected projects for the year 2015:

  1. History of love
    fiction, writer/director: Sonja Prosenc, delegate producer: Rok Sečen, production: Monoo (Slovenia)
  2. i_Island
    cross-media documentary, writer/director: Miha Čelar & Mate Dolenc, delegate producer: Miha Čelar, production: Astral Film (Slovenia)
  3. Life Anew
    fiction, writers: Carlo Zoratti and Cosimo Bizzarri, director: Carlo Zoratti, delegate producer: Marina Rosso, production: Alpis (Italy)
  4. Murder in the cathedral
    animation, writers: Mima Simić, Jasna Žmak, Matija Pisačić, directors: Matija Pisačić, Tvrtko Rašpolić, delegate producer: Dijana Mlađenović, production: Kinematograf (Croatia)
  5. Storks
    documentary, writer/director: Tomislav Jelinčić, delegate producer: Danijel Pek, production: Antitalent (Croatia)
  6. The lost dream team
    documentary, writer/director: Jure Pavlović, delegate producers: Jure Pavlović, Luka Venturin, production: Sekvenca (Croatia)