Co-Development Funding Scheme

In the ninth round of co-development funding in 2023, out of 36 applications in total, 8 projects were chosen and awarded with 10.000 euros each.

A list of selected projects for the year 2023:

  1. Night Waves
    directed by Filip Herakovic and produced by Wolfgang & Dolly (Croatia)
  2. Pogana
    directed by David Kapac and produced by Eclectica (Croatia)
  3. Like A Crystal
    directed by Katja Colja and produced by Levante Produzioni (FVG, Italy)
  4. The Last Slap
    directed by Matteo Oleotto and produced by Staragara I.T. Srl (FVG, Italy)
  5. Le Bookworm
    directed by Danilo Bećković and produced by Mali Budo Ltd. (Serbia)
  6. Roxanda
    directed by Dragan Jovićević and produced by Merlinka festival (Serbia)
  7. Cosmonauts
    directed by Leo Černic and produced by Finta Film (Slovenia)
  8. Three Waters Meet
    directed by Katarina Jazbec and produced by Nosorogi (Slovenia)

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