Co-Development Funding Scheme

In the fifth round of co-development funding in 2019, out of 28 applications in total, 6 projects were chosen and awarded with 10.000 euros each

A list of selected projects for the year 2019:

  1. The jungle Film Project, documentary
    writer: Gregor Božič. Marina Gumzi, director: Gregor Bozic, delegate producer: Marina Gumzi
, production: Nosorogi (SLOVENIA), co-production: Restart (CROATIA)
  2. The lost son, fiction

    writer: Darko Stante, director: Darko Stante, delegate producer: Nina Robnik and Miha Černec,
production: Staragara (SLOVENIA), co-production: Sense production (SERBIA), Antitalent (CROATIA), Transmedia (ITALY)
  3. God will not help, fiction
writer: Hana Jusic, director: Hana Jusic, delegate producer: Ankica Juric Tilic,
 production: Kinorama (CROATIA), co-production: Tico Film (ITALY), Gustav film (SLOVENIA)
  4. Hello Isabel, animation
    writer: Marjan Alčevski, director: Anja Kofmel, delegate producer: Siniša Juričić
, production: Jaako Dobra Produkcija (CROATIA), co-production: Nukleus Film (SLOVENIA), Mir Media Group (SERBIA), Alpis srl (ITALY)
  5. Drajcici – A village at the edge of Europe, documentary
    writer: Otto Reuschel & Andrea Magnani, director: Otto Reuschel, delegate producer: Andrea Magnani, production: Pilgrim (ITALY), co-production: A Atalanta Film (SLOVENIA), Testament Films (SERBIA)
  6. I have never been there, fictional documentary
    writer: Augusta Eniti, Andrea Trincardi, Debora Vrizzi, director: Debora Vrizzi, delegate producer: Andrea Trincardi, production: Altreforme (ITALY), co-producer: Kinematograf (CROATIA)