Slovenia-Croatia, writer/director: Miha Čelar

Every man is an island.

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iIsland is a cross media documentary that will follow an elderly Slovenian writer and passionate spear-fisherman Mate Dolenc, returning to the Croatian island of Bishevo. Mate dedicate 8 of his books to the island and now his planning to wright his last novel there. But this Adriatic paradise island, with its famous Blue cave and a cultish status in Mediterranean region now is dying and only 13 permanent residents still live there. A young couple Lucio and Lada are the last hope for the island's future. Their goal is to re-establish the Bishevo’s community and re-gain its legal status back. Because every winter more and more people are living Bishevo, our crew will come to the island to stay and to report – live, for three winter month in a role. Our goal is to draw attention and engage the public to preserve this delicate community. To achieve this, we will launch an interactive web platform that will tell the winter story of Bishevo-live. iIsland.com platform will distribute twelve 18 web-isodes, which will be filmed and edited on the island and narrated by the writer.

Note of intention, Astral film
Just like our writer and the iIsland are getting old and into extinct, also books are vanishing out in Slovenia and Croatia, as are the book publishing houses. Statistics in both countries show that high school students in Slovenia and Croatia in average read less than 20 books in all their lives up to graduation. With an interactive and documentary approach we wish to lure the public into the centre of the process of creation of a book and thus bring back the literary works as a mass-media some attraction. iIsland strongly addresses the younger Slovene and Croatian population, which might, due to the documentary web-serial and interactive applications once again reach for a book. Despite the fact that our cross media project will be generally performing in Slovenia and Croatia, we sincerely believe it is also reaching towards wider Mediterranean region, a broader European and also world-wide audience.

Note of intention, Factum
iIsland’s next step will be to attend re-act workshop and conclude the project development phase until the end of 2015. Early 2016 we will apply to Slovenian and Croatian regional documentary funds and Slo and Cro national televisions. At the moment we are also in negotiation whit French National Television 3 (Thalasa magazine), to come on board of our coproduction and distribution schema. We are still looking for 50.000 EUR coproduction and presales means from foreign TV broadcasters (GER, AUT, IT, FRA, CZ, CH, ARTE or HBO) incl. web portals.